Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jörg Gätjens

Matches-bad habits

Names & Notes-napkin rings to write on
Design:Jörg Gätjens

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  1. it is the filters that are the true bad habit

    the cigarette butt tossed to the curb

    I ride my bicycle to work
    one day I went mountain biking before work and tracked some dirt into the main entrance

    I stepped away from my desk
    when I returned there was a piece of white paper with a small pile of dirt on it

    apparently "a higher up" had the cleaning staff sweep this up and put this on my desk

    "when the dust settled" and the steam stopped coming out of my ears I approached the person who had asked this to be done
    I was curious if it was a joke
    then I expanded

    we all track in dirt
    on this day I tracked in more dirt
    for that I am sorry
    I will try to be more considerate
    it was unintentional
    we have people smoking cigarettes outside our building each day
    they intentionally toss their cigarette butts to the curb
    intentionally littering something that will not break down

    have you considered collecting all the cigarette butts and putting them on the smoker's desk?

    I thought not

    wooden and paper matches are of no great harm

    the polyester filters?
    that all adds up

    I enjoy your page
    cool design and innovations are interesting to me

    I love packaging
    I love new ideas