Thursday, March 02, 2006

morphosis by Jacuzzi®

"Alpha: two-person whirlpool tub.A new hydrotherapy and hydromassage concept gives birth to an innovative concept bathtub. A design inspired by nature that envelops, charms, and amazes. The arch that runs above this Jacuzzi® bathtub represents a lovingly protective gesture, an abstract concept of a seashell, of a sail or of contemporary architecture.The perfection of a two-person whirlpool tub: a unique idea to be shared between the two of you."

All I can say is : OOOOMMMMMMM!!!

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  1. Ciao, ho trovato questo tuo blog per caso e penso sia interessante!
    Bè se ti va visita questi 2 miei progetti (credo ti incuriosiranno):

    Buona giornata, Alby