Monday, March 06, 2006


Dont just give children the answers: pose them.
Spongy Space has been developed to give children a game to base their imagination on, rather than determine it. Its designed to arouse childrens curiosity, which can be explored whilst they create individual spaces and constructions. It consists of four different objects that can be used either on their own or put together. A mat, a carpet, a cube and a cylinder. The design is simple without being trivial, in order to make it understandable for children, whilst still offering them a challenge. There are a variety of ways of assembling the objects, some obvious and some less so, in order to encourage children to invent their own way of using them.Build what you imagine or imagine whilst your building.The flexibility of the elements makes them adaptable for a variety of situations. They can easily be transformed from room divider to guest bed, or from a piece of gymnastic apparatus to a sack chair. The material is flame retardant, sound reducing, non toxic PE, which makes it suitable for institutional use. The elements can be used indoors, outdoors and in the water. The elements can be purchased individually and thus extend the range of play elements over time.

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