Thursday, March 09, 2006

ZipZip - PlingCollection

Zip Zip are upholstered cushions, which canbe connected with zips on all four sides.Countless possibilities to build nearly everysituation of sitting or laying down comfortablyare the result. The width of a sofa just de-pends on how many polsters are connectedhorizontally.If they are folded “zigzag” like, the hight ofthe seats can be varied. If turned to the wall,a backrest is ready to use.Armchairs, couches, a carpet or a bed comeinto being within the twinkle of an eye.Special situations of rooms can be included inawareness with ZipZip: Different floor levels,corners, changing floor situations. Thesecushions are always comfortable, cosy andhandy, because it is easy and flexible to use.

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