Thursday, April 20, 2006


The real face of the nuclear industry.
Photos:Robert Knoth
Stories:Antoinette de Jong

Chernobyl certificate No 000358

Annya was born in 1990 to Valentina and Vachlav Pesenko from Zakopytye, a village highly contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown of 1986. A cancerous brain tumour at the age of four marked the end of Annya's childhood and the beginning of a life of pain and illness. Annya, now 15 and bed-ridden, has spent her life in and out of hospital, between tumours and life support. Every 15 minutes of every night, she must be turned in order to prevent further pain and bedsores.

This is just a picture from a new photography exhibit opening in 30 cities worldwide. The exhibition features poignant portraits of individuals and families, and the stories of their suffering due to Chernobyl and other nuclear disasters. These powerful images are a timely reminder that human lives are more than just numbers. For each statistic there is a person paying the ultimate price. Anyone who doubts the dangers of nuclear power should visit the exhibition and see for themselves one of the reasons why we oppose nuclear power. Twenty years on, every nuclear power plant bears the legacy of the nuclear industry's victims; and every nuclear power plant represents the threat of becoming the next Chernobyl.


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