Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goldfish Racetrack by Isabelle Leijn

The Racetrack Fish Bowl , designed by Isabelle Leijn is the perfect solution if your fish suffers from claustrophobia, or if you're simply looking for a tabletop conversation piece for your home or office. Goldfish are long distance swimmers, who feel very unhappy in the regular round fish bowl. No space to move, no place to hide. Therefore, iL-studio presents the exciting infinite aquarium. The track goes round the corner, turn left, cross, turn right, round another corner ... what a sensation this must be for an animal with a memory of approximately 7 seconds... This unique fish bowl has 2 integrated vases, which can be used as planters or storage for miscellaneous items. If you are using your Racetrack Fish Bowl in your home, consider using the vases to grow wheat grass or filling them with fresh flowers. For an office setting, they would make an interesting place to store pens, pencils, paper clips, or maybe even candy. Or, if you are a pragmatist, the vases make a convenient place to store fish food and fish accessories. The 11 liter water content can provide a home for several fish, which is just as well because goldfish like company.
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