Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Garbage is fashion !
A project of Mr.Garbage & Fuoribiennale

Garbage is everywhere. It can be local, political, economic, technologic, moral, human, metereologic, terroristic...
Even the starry sky is not immune to it. As Quoelet would say today, "Everything is garbage under the sun".
We buy, we use, we throw away. With a frantic rhythm, at the speed of Email, like Carl Lewis in his 100 m. race, like the pistons of a Ferrari. And garbage is now valued just as much as a Ferrari, as a dress, as a bag. The garbage of Milan or London is worth Burundi's GDP. Garbage is gold, no matter what kind it is. But most of all, garbage is fashion, is cool, is posh.
Every time you throw away garbage, separate yourself, and not just for separate collection.


A series of typical black garbage bags were left bordering the sidewalks, in front of the downtown palaces in Milan, at the parties in cool venues, in the main streets of Milan, forming mountains and mountains of garbage... special garbage.
This is Luxury Garbage, a process of contamination which invaded Milan with its garbage bags during the week of Fuori Salone.

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