Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The Chimpanzee, our closest animal relative, just got a little bit closer in this state-of the-art bust. A life-size animatronic replication and realistic behavioral sounds and motions is made possible through the “magic” of realistic Hollywood special effects. Lifelike hair and skin, and a startlingly expressive, interactive personality really bring this simian alive!Multi-sensory, highly communicative and fully interactive, Chimpanzee has four distinct moods: Curious, Fearful, Happy and Angry. So real, he’s unreal!Features include:- Realistic animal behavior- Mood dependent behavior: responds to stimuli with mood specific animations and sounds- Infrared vision system: detects movement, tracks objects and reacts to human interaction- Touch sensors in his chin, head and ears- Stereo sound sensors detect loud sounds- Remote control or autonomous interactivity- Visual and sonic guard mode- Program mode- Sleep mode-

To download a copy of the WowWee Alive™ Chimp manual: click here
Age Grading: 8+
Battery Requirements: 4 “D” and 1 “9 Volt” (not included)


I want it!
WowWee Alive ,would you be able to make a copy of my husband?

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