Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PAN-DAN Best 2006 Artist

Born in Tokyo, director, art director Nagi Noda has established herself as one of Japan's most prominent young designers. She rose to prominence as an art director designing print advertising, book designs and CD sleeves before turning to larger clients such as Nike andthe famed Laforet (DON'T MISS THE PAPER BAG) Harajuku. Her commercials have won a host of prizes in Japan. Nagi has also shot several highly acclaimed and inventive films, including her short film"FITNESS VIDEO (MUST SEE) for being appraised as an EX-FAT GIRL" featuring exercising poodles, and music videos:her stunning and much loved promo for Yuki entitled "Sentimental Journey" exemplifies her work'sinventive left-field visual sensibility and poignant emotional colourings.



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