Saturday, May 13, 2006

Polka I

The designlabel POLKA was created 2004.It is the basis for the co-operations of the two productdesigners Marie Rahm and Monica Singer. POLKA is based in Vienna.

POLKA is about designing objects, experiences and services.
POLKA regards everyday life phenomena as their project's fuel.To discover the beauty in the banal, the extraordinary out of the ordinary is the aim.We show shifting points of view, we like to surprise and carry on the ease of life forward on the way to create 'product pleasures'.
POLKA works in the field of product- and visual design.

Porcelain breakfast set for herend, 2005
POLKA created a basic Porcelain Short Set in four pieces with different patterns for the Hungarian Porcelain Manufactory HEREND.The pieces can be combined and used in many ways, for celebrating the daily life.


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