Thursday, October 12, 2006

Katharina Mischer

Pull over-the lamp that can be dressed
"The main idea behind my pull over lamp was to design a lamp, which appearance could be changed easily. By using a compact fluorescent energy-saving tube with a one sided pin base, I found the ideal "backbone" for a lamp that could be clothed with a flexible translucent "dress". If not used the overcoat has a two-dimensional form. But as soon as it is pulled over the light tube, it becomes three dimensional. Pull over offers many variations. If the user gets bored of the lamp's look, he will not have to buy a completely new lamp; he just gets a new silicon overcoat. In the end the user should just enjoy the pull over lamp! The look of the "dress" can be inspired by the seasons, historical decades, designers or many other things. The "dress" - or lampshade, in my model, is out of silicon. As silicon is heat resistant and creates a nice light it was the perfect material."

Thanks Katharina!

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