Friday, January 26, 2007

C. Quoi

16 Pousses is a zinc frame that hides a water tube. Frame your own little garden and watch nature grow indoors.

Ainsi soit-il is a pure wool rug from New Zealand, hand tufted in the Serge-Lesage Ateliers. Its tranquil softness recalls a tuft of green grass… grass that is greener than your neighbour’s !

Nico is a porcelain ashtray that despite its minimalist appearance methodically counts your cigarette consumption.
Design:C. Quoi


  1. What a great idea! Although, sometimes I don't want to know how many I've smoked. I guess that's what happens when you move to Germany, you become a chimney.

    Lou Smith

  2. I have that rug. We sold them on when I owned and they stil do. I have it in the living room of my cottage and it's fabulous to sink your feet into the contours. The grass makes people laugh but beware of dogs.