Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GAMplusFRATESI studio

"Bouquet collection"

NINFEA (water-lily) floorsitting
"A sweet little white butterfly began to fly round and round her and at last alighted on the waterlily, for it hadfallen in love with Thumbelina, who was so happy now, and it was so delightful sailing along on her waterlily.The sun shone on the water like gleaming gold. She took of her sash and tied one end round the butterfly, theother to the waterlily, which was travelling much faster now, and so was she, for she was sitting on it."
"Thumbelina” H.C. Andersen

"Inspired from this fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen, we have created these seats that “float” on the floor.Different patterns like the butterfly and the flower are becoming a surreal and fairy-like landscape of waterlilies.An interesting meeting between wood and felt. The construction is inspired from plywood; layers of felt andwood screwed together. The felt has a decorative function as well offers comfort and structural properties.The U-constructions of the felt gives a great flexibility and softness to these floor level sitting."
Design:GAMplusFRATESI studio

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