Monday, March 19, 2007


After 4 weeks in Lugano, I realised that i need "fresh air", so when a friend of mine asked me to go for a day in Paris, I said: Yeeesss!
I have a ticket , but have no idea what to do once I'm there , I mean what I'm supposed to do at Sunday in Paris..?
So I thought maybe Pan-Dan readers could have a suggestions for a 24 hour tour in Paris :must do, must see, must taste ,wine , restaurants, shops, hotels or bed and breakfast, concerts ,ballets, fun, everything ... for the next weekend!
Please leave a comment below , and maybe we could do a guide :"24 hours of madness in Paris"
Thank you!


  1. check here

  2. check here

  3. im waiting for the "a week in Buenos Aires" post!! :o)

  4. The Lalique exhibition? At the musée du Luxembourg, but I'm not sure you like "Art nouveau". Or a visit from all "covered streets" (galerie Colbert, passage du Grand cerf...), have a look if they is some intersting exhibition at Beaubourg, or design shops... There is so much to do,to see, that when you live in Paris, -so am I-, you can't do everything you would like to... better to come to Paris as a tourist!

  5. Thank you Marraine, I wont miss it!
    if you want to be a tourist in your own city , just email me!

  6. well....then i´ll wait for the "a couple of months in BsAs" ;o)