Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coin casa design

Design: Alessandro Busana
Cin Cin, set of candles in the shape of goblets, glasses and bottles, ideal to lend light and atmosphere to a convivial meal and drinking a toast with friends.

Design:Ilaria Gibertini e Miriam Mirri
Antoinette, table lamp with a slender metal structure, inspired by tailor’s mannequins, completely covered in patterned fabric. The stretch fabric cover slips off easily allowing vain Antoinette to change her look often

Design:Pio and Tito Toso
Mirandolina, Lamp/pocket-emptier, available in two sizes for table and bedside table, with cloth lampshade, metal body and slightly shaped base with a glossy or satin chrome finish, which serves as a tray

Design:Raffaella Mangiarott
Quattrolibri, magazine and book rack on wheels, made of layeredecological bamboo, easy to carry, both at home and in the office by means of a useful handle. It has a suitable height to make it of use beside the worktable. If placed horizontally, thanks to the handle which serves as a support, it becomes a little table.

Design:Raffaella Mangiarotti
Exagon, Self-supporting bookcase module, stackable, modular both horizontally and vertically, in varnished sheet steel, with internal non-slip felt covering. It can be leant against the wall, while it can also be used as a separé in the centre of the room.

Design:Giulio Iacchetti
LiolĂ , floor lamp with an enamelled iron frame and fabric lampshade, equipped with castors, a handle and a long wire. Easy to move "here or there", it becomes a helpful companion when reading, or in other situations, offering its pleasant light wherever it is needed

Design:Marzia Mosconi.
Drop, hanging lamps in coloured methacrylate, laser-cut, with crystal decorations.

Design:Marco Zito
Colombina, magazine rack similar to a bag, suitably rigid on the inside, to be placed beside the sofa, easy to move to any part of the house

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