Saturday, April 21, 2007

Helsinki Hotel Project - Milan 2007

Rise and sigh Bed sheets
Martina Carpelan
Show me your skin and I’ll tell you who you are.Rise and sigh is a collection of revealing bed sheets that plays with incidents often taking place in hotels. Different sleeping positions give different imprints on the sleepers’ body. The imprints give you a hint about last night’s atmosphere, suggest you what to do and tell things about you.The Rise and sigh collection consists of three embroidered bed sets; for the bachelor, for the love affair and for the one night stand
Left over Ceramic tiles
Saara Kaatra
"Hotel room is a very private area. We automatically assume that the room is clean and spotless when we enter. Finding someone else’s hair when taking a shower or brushing your teeth isn’t the most pleasant thing. My design is a set of ceramic tiles for a bathroom, ceramic tiles decorated with hair. An aesthetic pattern is created from something that is usually regarded as ugly."
1+1+1=1 Bedside furniture
Päivi Niemi
Everyday Sunday Plastic cup holder
Niina Aalto
Using disposable cups is common in hotels. Extending their function to a more specified and dignified level is my comment for a more playful way of living. Everyday Sunday is a plastic cup holder, which customizes a plastic cup for different situations by creating an illusion of authenticity

Conversation pieces
Niels Ole Frandsen

Karoliina Korhonen

100 years Seats
David Dahlhaus Mora
Karoliina Korhonen and Katja Vauhkonen
"Urbarn is our interpretation of a hotel, an architypical house constructed from standardized wooden shipping pallets. It is a surrounding that creates a shelter and temporary home for the exhibition. The inspiration for the project originates from observing the hotel environment as a platform for unexpected encounters. We wanted the exhibition architecture to represents the same values of contemporary living. The simple structure based on existing material excludes unnecessary consumption and transportation. Like hotels, the Euro-pallets can be found at the location"
see more @ Helsinki Hotel project by MA students from the University of Art and Design Helsinki .

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