Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nobody&co Milano 2007 preview

Comfort Table
Keep your elbows off the table! Color and irony for this dining room table. Born from the idea that one can have perfect table manners without having to feel uncomfortable. Around the edges of the table top, distinctive cylindrical caved in shapes, two for each place, are designed to accommodate wrists and forearms.

"PICCOLO GRANDE" outdoor furniture -table and bench

At first sight it looks just like classic outdoor furniture in teak wood, but by sliding†the structure, the staves separate and double in length,† transforming a small table in a big one and a small bench in a big bench. Steel structure, inox 18/10 satined. Top and seating in teak.

"Put flowers in your guns" :after 40 years there is still the need to say it. And why not do it? Single flower vase
in platinum-plated ceramic

and of course
La Bibliochaise with the brand new Bibliopouf

Design:Nobody&co 2007
at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, via Matteo Bandello 14, 20123 Milan
from 10AM to 8PM.
Grazie Alisée e Giovanni !
e buona fortuna.. anche se non cè ne bisogno!

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