Wednesday, August 08, 2007


AVANTGARDE DATING is an experimental dating service investigating issues associated with contemporary relationships.
From April to August 2007, AVANT-GARDE DATING has been receiving applications from individuals around the world wanting to be matched in new and innovative couples.
ALL of these applicants will now receive a match from the Dating Board - consisting of curators and artists Tanja Ostojic, Raul Zamudio and Karen D. Peters in collaboration with Wooloo Productions.
Out of everyone matched, three outstanding “couples” will each be rewarded a 1-week exhibition in Berlin, Germany to further explore the concept of human partnering.
All through their stay in Berlin, the couple will be living together in the exhibition space.
Additionally to these exhibitions taking place during the Berlin Art Forum (Sep-Oct 2007), a 20-minute video piece will be made in collaboration between Wooloo Productions and the participating artists during the exhibitions.
This video work will be shown as part of "In Pursuit: Art on Dating" at the Ise Cultural Foundation Gallery in New York from November 30th, 2007 until January 11th, 2008.

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