Friday, August 03, 2007

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Optimus Maximus keyboard

What is this?
-It’s a million keyboards in one.
How does it work?
-There’s a small display embedded under every keytop, which shows what this button can do, or the function it’s associated with.
You are a genius.
Can I change the images myself?
-You bet.
Can I reassign the buttons’ functions?
-You bet. For example, you can have the button to the right of the left Shift key to type the letter Z, or to type any sequence of up to 256 symbols. Customization has no limits.
What happens if I spill coffee, coke or wine on the keyboard?
-The keyboard will likely break down. Just as a laptop, a TV or the Imperial State Crown in a similar situation.
What should I do if the keyboard is grimy?
-You can manually remove every key and clean or vacuum-clean the body.
Your images are so great. How bright are the screens in life?
-In life the screens look a hundred times better than in the images. You can see the images on the displays very well even if the room is brightly lit.
How frequently do the frames change?
-It depends on the number of displays in use. If you want the images on all 113 buttons to change simultaneously with the information provided directly from a PC, then the frame rate will be around 10 frames per second. If animated images are displayed on 5 buttons, and the information is uploaded from the SD card, then it will be faster.

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