Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dry Tech Project

Spacer chair by Next architects & Samira Boon for Droog
Spacer Chair is inspired on the traditional tapestry production process.
Tapestries are woven in 2 layers together, which are cut and separated by a knife; resulting into the typical velour’s effect.
The strengths of the laminated spacer fabric are enhanced by combining the constructive 3D shape and resins.
2 Layers of the soft spacer fabric together are being separated and follow their own 8-shape and come together again.
Resins fix the soft spacer fabric and make it possible to use this very transparent fabric, resulting into this light weighted Spacer Chair.

Woven Waffle Screen by Next architects & Samira Boon for Droog
The structure and surface of the woven waffle screen consist of one and the same; frame = screen and screen = frame.
The usually 2D weaving machine is programmed with a special combination of weaving techniques and yarns, which makes it possible to create a soft 3D fabric with a depth of 10 cm.
By hardening this soft and 10 cm depth 3D textile a lightweight 3D panel is realized which can carry and balance its own weight.
Besides the frame function, the relief also serves an acoustic function, as well as gives constantly different incidences of light.
The different panels are connected by zippers, which form the hinge, and referring to the fabric background.


  1. Nad' ! Am shocked.
    How can you show this "Spacer Chair" without saying "inspired by the designer Frank Gehry and his easy edge style furniture (1972)"