Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How to Work the Design Blogosphere:

* Suggest, don't ask. Suggest a product/site/artist for review but do NOT flat out ask to be linked up. If a blogger thinks your submission is a great fit for their blog they will get to work right away anyway. Let it be up to them. Always remember that most people don't like to be asked to do something. Also, NEVER ask to be added to someone's blogroll. - swissmiss
* Avoid the group email. The worst is when a blogger opens the message and sees that it has been addressed to famous blogs that cover the same area. The one thing they will think is, "Oh, okay! So let others write about it then.-We-make-money-not-art
*Good work will get published no matter what, but there are three things that are important: images, images and images. They should be new and (relatively) unpublished, good quality, the right format (screen-resolution jpegs, 450 pixels wide in dezeen's case) and the more the better. Also, send text as text, not as a PDF. And don't try to pass off old projects as new ones, as you'll get found out!-Dezeen
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