Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's in a word?

Ever wondered what would happen if you substituted the word 'design' for another word in a well-known saying?
Well, the answers are here. Designed by Lippa Pearce Design, What's in a word? is a small typographic publication of 26 well known phrases. The opening introduction explains the exploration toward "...the power of words and the power of well-known sayings in our collective unconscious. Because the key word is 'design' it also shows how fundamental design is and should be in our thinking."
Asking 26 writers from the writer's group 26 to come up with the sayings, Domenic Lippa of Lippa Pearce designed the publication and typography with the assistance of designers, Paul Skerm and James West. Screaming it's Pentagram influence from front to back, this is a beautiful must have for all designers, writers and design thinkers!

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