Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ünal&böler studio

A few months ago , actually 7 months ago Mr.Alper Böler (above) promised to send me the press kit of the Satellite show. I even accused him of forgetting his promise!
and its not that he forgot ..but:
-"it took a lot of time for us to take some fine pictures. sorry." alper
So FINALY here it is :

"güzelim" means both "I am beautiful" and "you are my beautiful" in turkish. It is a cynical approach towards exploitation of aesthetics and how suppression affects our sexuality, and a sarcastic solution showing how we can deal with this situation by creating interfaces.

"kovan" means "hive" in turkish. An isosceles trapezoid shaped single unit forms multiple compositions as seats, tables, shelves and seperation units through its precisely calculated proportions and its easy mounting fixtures on all sides. With infinite possibilies of strong constructions, it’s up to the users imagination to form needed combination of use. Also with doors and drawers added on each element the compositions can be made more versatile.

“nar” means “pomegranate” in turkish. Pomegranate is a fruit that holds hundreds of juicy seeds inside. It’s a fruit that symbolizes fertility. Nar coffetable carries books and books carry ideas. Ideas can be distructive as much as they can be constructive. Our aim was to emphasize the danger and the dilemma it holds with utter nakedness.

"sema" is the name given to the dance of the whirling dervishes. It is a coffeetable with a turning top and rotating bars below it which can be utilized in storing books, magazines and newspapers. Top is in mdf and the leg in steel.
Sema will soon be available through NUXX.

"budak" means “knot in timber”. System starts growing from single unit to form seating and shelf structures without using any fixtures or screws. Each element acts as a locking piece by itself. The structure becomes more rigid with every element added on each other. System can be used where a quickly recomposable shelving and seating is required such as shops.