Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jean Louis Frechin

WaDoor is a door-screen with a low resolution electro-luminescent surface.
It is composed 16*40 ‘EL pixel’ modules.
Each EL bulb can be piloted individually, allowing users to write information messages or draw patterns.
The system is connected to a computer to download files and as a door serves as a man-machine interface that reacts to direct body movements.

WaSnake is a shelf whose topology can be reconfi gured
to suit any specifi c space or whim. It is also a luminous digital object
and a device for relaying discreet information in the home
– comments, addresses, the useful and the playful.
- displays SMS messages sent to the home address.

Waaz is a shelf connected to a computer that doubles as a device
for audio diffusion and archiving digital music files (MP3)
Design:Jean Louis Frechin

VIA 2008


  1. nice!!!
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  2. like it... but now that shelves are nothing for, so why waaz?