Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maison&Objet Inspirations 2008-2009

Onirique a 3-step itinerary
1.Presque là /"Nearly there..." > Concept François Bernard. An experience between the empty and the full. François Bernard invites you to share a moment of domestic re-enchantment. Lose yourself and lose your bearings in the radical maximalism of a whiteness that resists overflow. A curious aesthetics of absence and lack, as another way of dreaming one’s inner life and reactivating desire.
2.Trans-Form > Concept Elizabeth Leriche.
3.Bizarre Bazar > Concept Vincent Grégoire

The white version of the Nobody&co's Bibliochaise containing 5 meters of white books with empty pages was part of the François Bernard's itinerary.
The same White one in my living room is containing 5 meters of colored books full of dreams..