Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Julius Popp

Julius Popp (German, b. 1973)
Popp uses controlled drips of water to create a waterfall of words and images.
A horizontal module with computer-controlled valves hung from the ceiling releases droplets at precise times to form predetermined shapes.
The result is a word or message that seems to magically rain down from the ceiling and then disappear upon impact with the floor.
Popp describes bit.fall as a “metaphor for the incessant flood of information we are exposed to.”


  1. Scusate, ma non era un blog italiano questo? Non mi va di imparare l'inglese qui in carcere! Mi accontento dell'esperanto.

    ps è bello farsi una doccia di parole, dalla mia escono tutte bestemmie contro il mondo intero


    look for acqua display, bitfall, water display (everywhere) :)

  3. I love this and oposted it to my blog as well but you should know that while the conceptual use of this waterfall technology is the genius of Julius Popp, the technology itself is that of Steven Pevnick. He developed this graphical waterfall technology before Popp was born. I'm uncertain why he has not recieved credut but if this is patented technology, I could bet legal action will be taken. Let's stay tuned!