Friday, May 09, 2008

Gregor Timlin

Speaker Head
Speaker Head is a film and installation which addresses the isolation that people experience in large cities.
The viewer is invited to insert their head into the tapered structure and watch the film.
In doing so they visually complete the piece for others in the space by becoming a caricature of isolation.
The film documents a series of short interviews in which he asked:
"within the context of the city - do you consider yourself to be an isolated individual?"
In the context of population expansion, growing cities and the massive change that communications technology has had on locality - this piece offers a platform from which to discuss how the design of the built environment will affect our ability to connect with our surrounding social environment in the future?
see also: Box and Shelter Cart


  1. ExCelente nota! desde Argentina. Saludos Gabriela .

  2. Interesting, and sad. We develop more and more technology to communicate with each other, still we alienate ourselves more and more from each other.