Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Guys ,
But is it so hard to put the source from time to time !!?????????
(the person behind pan-dan)


  1. I cited you as our source and I couldn't believe when they didn't in notcot!
    What a rip off!
    Anyway, great blog. Truly inspirational.

  2. we need to create a blogging-etiquette. this kills me. swissmiss

  3. Hi Pan-Dan,

    I'm so sorry for the confusion! Please know that you can contact me anytime at http://www.notcot.com/about/contact/

    It seems like you may be confused about NOTCOT.org ~ it is not a blog but our backpage link-list of sorts, basically my digital version of the design studio bulletin boards only with the ability to go directly to the source when searching through it all for inspiration, project research, etc. The design actually came about when i needed a better solution to how i store my design research. How frustrating is it to have piles of magazine pics torn out without being able to figure out the store, designer, etc.?

    NOTCOT.org is where i've been storing my inspiration for future reference for some time before we decided to let others submit as well, and it has evolved into a Curated User Submissions site where each post = 1 image + 1 link + 1 caption (so we know what it is!). As with our bookmarks, delicious, etc, we need to pick that one link carefully, so it is the most useful and best sources to find the most information ~ and when possible we try to link to the designers, stores, full interviews/photo galleries. Sure, we don't always get it perfectly, we're human, but we definitely try to link original sources. First and foremost we're designers and artists and NOTCOT.org is where we store our daily inspiration.

    As for blogging etiquette - that is another situation entirely, which has also been quickly devolving ~ the blogosphere has gone from directly linking permalinks of blog posts with nice, usefully worded text that helps other's pageranks and seo, it was once placed in the excerpts so it got read by RSS, now more and more have it after the jump, or with tiny icons that say "read" which are so hard to find let alone click on, and i completely agree that there are issues with all of those, which is why on NOTCOT.com i always try to bring my "vias" right into the posts actually talking about it and stating the sites by name early on for maximum benefit to the other sites. The difference on NOTCOT.org, is that it is not a blog, but our visual bookmark/linklist.

    Thanks for post,

    ~ jean

  4. There is no doubt that too many people don't know the meaning of the word professional ethics
    BTW you don't write for them ;)

  5. to all of you:
    probably i'm old fashioned but when i needed to storage my design inspirations , i started a "blog" .
    unexpectedly for me ,people were visiting it every day, so for those people i'm posting regularly.
    (even when i'm not in the mood for doing it)
    the point is that having a" bookmark storage thing" which is not the copy or a kind of "omnium gatherum" of other blogs for me takes time.
    i'm confused almost all of the time with almost everything surrounds me , but i'm aware that we live in a world where " everything and immediately" is the law and i understand that "one-more-click" could be a problem.
    p.s to jean :
    its not personal , you're doing a really great job with notcot, it's just something i wanted to say for a long time to the all the "inspirators" out there! :)

  6. Strange! I though this way of blogging (without links) was a speciality of French bloggers (Not all, please don't be upset fellow citizen!), but I realize not only in France people "forget" to link the sources...
    A French blog girl... who is sometimes upset too! :-)

  7. I understand how you feel. I have found lots of inspiration from you and I hope I haven´t forgotten to put the source sometime, if I did, it was unintentional. :-)