Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PURE*GOLD PC Amplifier 5.1

I am gold.
I am two.
I am ceramic.
I was made by hand moulded and shaped and glazed.
I am unique.
I am like a sculpture, a vase, a bowl.
There is no other like me.
We are linked like a Siamese twin.
I am a computer.
I am an amplifier.Together we are perfect.
I will help you to stay in contact with your friends, to watch movies and play games.
I can assist you with your work while you are listening to music like you never heard music before.
I will help you to find things, people, places, new experiences.
I am there for you when you need me and sleep while you don't.
I wake up on the push of a button and do for you what you ask me to.
I am not a television or record player or calculator i am all of that at the same time and more.
I am fast and silent and beautiful.

I am also: white black lime bronze ....

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