Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the usual suspects..

iconic rabit aka "twice as nice"
iconic pocket aka "pocket vibrator"
iconic ring aka " vibrating ring"
( can i say a "happy" christmas!?)


  1. I would'nt put that thing on the far right in between my legs even if I were the lasdt woman on earth.
    A girl-friend of mine used a massage glove covered with moving balls and she says it's the best thing she's tried in years.

  2. can you kindly provide a link to that "moving balls" for us women of the Earth please :)

  3. The anecdote is from 4 years ago or more, and she was using a hairdresser's massage glove (how she came up with the idea beats me!), with moving plastic balls coming out. I've been looking for it and seems my friend wasn't the only one to think of this because someone has redesigned it and launched it as a sex-toy, which is being sold here (BTW this store is infront of my place hehehehe)

  4. uhm i thought about something more futuristc, i guess i missed something or i got too focused on the "moving plastic balls coming out" :)